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Laser Engraved Artwork. 100% Wood.

About the Art - FAQs

What are "laser engraved wood etchings"?

Venice Woods utilizes aspects of photography, graphic art, and woodworking to produce artistic expressions that are directly burned into the wood using high powered laser beams. This process involves an attention to detail that once mastered allows for the production of some pretty awesome pieces of art. By only using wood and heat to create these pieces, each piece has a natural composition that only adds to the innovative nature of each piece. 

Does the wood have a finish on it?

Each piece will come to you in a raw wood format unless you have chosen to have the piece varnished by us here at Venice Woods. The raw format will be susceptible to sun damage or weather damage if left in an area of over exposure. However, if placed indoors in a mild environment, the raw pieces do last for a significant period of time. If you do wish for the ultimate longevity for your piece, we do strongly recommend the varnish finish.

What is artistic variance?

Artistic variance is going to be the subtle differences that exist between each piece of art due to my artistic discretion, or due to the nature of the wood that we will use to make these pieces. Wood has different natural markings as well as different water densities that will make each piece of art unique. 

How do I mount these on the wall?

We recommend mounting the pieces of wood using double sided foam mounting tape. These products are readily available at any hardware store. While some people do choose to frame these etchings, they do look great mounted directly to the wall.  Another alternative is to epoxy hanging hardware to the rear of the wood etching and hang it to the wall in that fashion.

Does Venice Woods do custom art?

Venice Woods has been in operation for a few years now, and with that experience we have been able to expand our offerings to include customized art. By utilizing our graphic arts abilities we create amazing one of a kind pieces of art for you or your loved ones. 

What is protective varnish finish?

Our art pieces come in a 100% raw state. We can now add a protective varnish to the piece for a small fee. Simply check the box for the Protective Varnish on the product page and we will add a small fee to apply the protective finish. This finish is great for hanging in high UV exposed areas, and areas with swings in humidity. This will lock in the contrast in the engraving and protect the piece over all. 

What are are "Adhesive Hanging Strips"? How to install?

We have searched long and far for a hanging solution that would best fit our art, and your needs. After our long search we have found a double sided foam hanging adhesive that securely hangs your piece without damaging your wall. Please click the box on the product page to have us add these easy to hang stops. Simply remove the backing and hang.